What's New with the Google Assistant?

At CES today, Google has announced a series of new partnerships and device connections for the Google Assistant. They say it is now available on more than 400 million devices. Google Assistant is also coming to a slew of new voice-activated speakers from iHome, Jensen,Bang & Olufsen, Altec Lansing, Anker Innovations, SōLIS, Braven, JBL, Jensen, Klipsch, Knit Audio, Memorex, RIVA Audio and LG.

The Assistant to Work on Smart Displays

Additionally, the Google Assistant is now coming to smart displays. "These new devices have the Google Assistant built in, and with the added benefit of a touch screen, they can help you get even more done," notes Scott Huffman, VP, Engineering, Google Assistant. "You can watch videos from YouTube, video call with Google Duo, find photos from Google Photos and more."

The Google Assistant to Work in the Car

In the U.S. the Assistant will be accessible via Android Auto starting this week. "Android Auto is available in tens of millions of cars on more than 400 models from 40+ brands, including Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Volkswagen and Volvo," stated Huffman. "With the Assistant in Android Auto, you can listen to your playlists from apps like Spotify or Google Play Music, get quick directions from Google Maps or Waze, and send or receive messages from services like WhatsApp."

Google Adds a Million "Actions"

Google is referring to things the Google Assistant can do as Actions. " Actions include features built by Google—like directions on Google Maps—and those that come from developers, publishers and other third parties, like working out with Fitbit Coach," says Huffman. "So finding photos with Google Photos would be one Action while meditating with Headspace would be another."

They have created a new directory page to help users explore all of the Actions. simply go to your Assistant on your phone and select the blue icon in the corner. They plan to add millions of additional actions over time.