What's Happening On The Internet Every Minute [Infographic]

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How much time do you spend on the internet every day? I spend at least eight hours online every weekday, and that's a conservative estimate. I know some smart-phone addicts who are probably wired in, one way or another, nearly every minute of the day -- excluding the six or so hours they sleep at night.

While we're all hanging out on this complex series of tubes, we're doing a lot of stuff, too: like e-mailing, banking, watching porn movies and TV shows, stealing people's identities, comparing others to Hitler, shopping, trolling, lurking, stalking, and sharing cat memes. But have you ever wondered exactly how much stuff is going on in a minute of Web-time? Intel has, and they made this little infographic to show you. More than ten and a half gigs of data are transferred each second. Isn't that nuts?

And I get distracted from work at least three times.

Of course, there are some conspicuous omissions on this graphic. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me just how many half-baked theological arguments get started each minute, and how many dumb things get said on 4chan.

Just kidding, /b/ros. Maybe.

[Intel, H/T: UberGizmo]

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