What Would Project Glass for Windows Look Like?

IT Management

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As Chris indicated, the parodies for Google Glasses are a current hit around the Internet as people rush to give you their view of the project in question. We've seen the project take on the Terminator HUD, and now, we've got an idea of how Windows would operate in such an environment.

Let's just say there's a lot of restarting, even in the Project Glass mode.

In fact, if art can imitate life, and Vista's constant "are you sure" prompts were included, you'd be blinking on the "OK" button a great deal; although, the "X" button that closes a window might actually outdo the "OK" button. And then there's the constant updates and drivers one would need to install whenever they do anything outside of normal operating procedures, like, say, riding a bike.

Without the proper drivers, you'll probably crash your bike, causing the Windows Glasses to give you the blue screen of death. Based on that little tidbit, it sounds like the Windows Glasses has an old copy of XP installed. So what happens if someone upgrades to the touchscreen-friendly Windows 8? Would your eyelids be used to guide a navigation stylus?