"What My Friends Think I Do" Meme Popular on Facebook

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Ever since the dawn of the latest update of Facebook, picture sizes within the Facebook feed have increased. This helps memes become more viral on the well-known social networking site, along with various cute ICanHasCheezburger pictures.

Recently, you may have seen a new meme start to arise on Facebook with images segmented into six sections with the following titles that relate to a specific profession:

  • What my friends think I do
  • What my mom thinks I do
  • What society thinks I do
  • What my boss thinks I do
  • What I think I do
  • What I actually do

For example, I will provide the one that closely fits my position here at the iEntry Network:

You may have seen a few of these appear in your friends feed on Facebook. I have provided a few more examples below that pertain to various business-related professions:

There are even a few satirical versions of this meme starting to appear:

What are some of the good "What My Friends Think I Do" memes that you have seen in your Facebook friends feed? Let us know below in this post's comments section.