What is a Tweet Worth? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Tweets, wall posts, check-ins, pins, pokes, etc. are all content of value to the social media companies that host them. And now Backupify, a cloud data backup service, put together a chart representing their study on what these actual values are. Backupify was able to deduce general content values by taking into account estimated valuations of companies against correlating number of users.

The estimates for how valuable each user is to his or her respective network are:

Path: $12.50 per user
Instagram: $18.52
Yelp: $21.21
Pinterest: $28.09
Foursquare: $40.00
Twitter: $71.43
Dropbox: $80.00
LinkedIn: $104.46
Facebook: $118.34

Delving even further, Backupify took into account each company’s estimated annual revenue and divided it by the number of user items, i.e. tweets, tags, wall post, searches, etc.:

Tweet: $0.001
Facebook share: $0.024
LinkedIn search: $0.124
FourSquare check-in: $0.40
Path update: $0.50
Yelp review: $9.13

Yelp reviews are worth almost $10?

backupify infographic

In related news, Instagram's $500 million valuation has been met with a bit of skepticism, though the company is set to receive $50 million in venture capitol in a Series B funding round led by Sequoia. Also, just now, it has been reported that Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion.

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