What Happens When President Obama Visits NYC?

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Did you ever wonder what happens when President Obama visits a major city, somewhere like New York City? The New York Times did, and thanks to their vast resources and their level of access, they've created an interesting video of what happens when President Obama visits the Big Apple. In short, cities shut down, even mega-metropoli like New York.

The New York Times provides more than just a glancing look in their expose, going as far as to interview security officials on how they handle the airspace, as well as various street closures the city has to endure while Obama is in town. It's an exercise in networking and combining manpower and resources, all to ensure Obama's safety, while making his trip as easy as possible. Like one of the security officials says, "this is a huge, awesome undertaking."

Have a look for yourself:

As you can see, the logistics involved in ensuring such a visit goes without a hitch are complicated, requiring the cooperation of multiple entities in New York City, including telecommunications and utility providers. Of course, when one of the most powerful people in the world shows up to your town, ensuring his safe and expeditious passage through a sprawling city the size of New York City naturally takes a great deal of effort, something NYT's video demonstrates quite clearly.

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