Whale Tail Slaps Woman On Boat In Mexico


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Whale watching is a popular hobby in Mexico and many vacationers enjoy getting close to the large and magnificent animals by taking advantage of the many whale watching excursions available in tourist areas.

Mexico is one of a few places where boaters can actually get close to whales. Although the gigantic creatures are usually docile, they have been known to accidentally damage boats. Whale watching excursions are a great way to see various types of whales including fin whales, Peruvian beaked whales, humpback whales, grey whales, and giant blue whales.

A Canadian woman named Chelsea Crawford was enjoying one of these excursions when she got a big surprise.

While on the boat, a whale had surfaced and was splashing around nearby. As the boat got closer to the whale, it brought down its powerful tail and hit Chelsea on the head.

"We were sitting in the boat, taking pictures and videos of the whales, when one of the whale's tails came up and smacked Chelsea in the head," another boat passenger said. "Luckily, Chelsea was not seriously injured, she just has some bruising on her head and shoulder."

The incident happened so quickly, that few people had time to react. One other passengers was recording the whales during the excursion and managed to turn his camera on Chelsea just as she was hit by the tail. The video was posted to YouTube and quickly went viral.

The man responsible for the video said that he had no idea it would become so popular.

“There were four or five whales around us so I was like, this is awesome, I should try and videotape this,” said Taylor Roy.

“I guess I ended up facing it when Chelsea was hit and it just happened at that time that I was recording. It was a total fluke.”

Chelsea admitted that she cried as soon as the tail hit her, but said she was more shocked than hurt. She walked away with a bruised shoulder but was happy to share her video on YouTube.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons