Westboro Baptist Church Not Going To Protest ISIS

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Westboro Baptist Church, the most hated hate group in America, accepted an offer from an Australian comedian to fly them all to Iraq so that they can protest ISIS.

Of course, ISIS is the terror organization that has been killing and beheading Christians for the last few months.

Adam Hills, on his show The Last Leg, made the offer out of outrage that the so-called church was planning on protesting the funeral of Robin Williams.

“If you really believe in standing up to those threatening the Christian way of life, Westboro Baptist Church, how about putting your money where your mouth is, taking a direct flight to Iraq,” he said. He then offered to buy them all first class tickets.

Then a lengthy Twitter exchange ensued:

It looked like it might actually happen, that these folks would become martyrs in their own right for their messed up beliefs. However, Adam Hills made a super-classy move:

He donated the money to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital instead, intending to "fight hate with love". St. Jude's also happens to be one of Robin Williams' favorite charities.

Westboro Baptist Church won't be going to Iraq, after all.

Not yet, anyway. After Adam Hills made his offer, I'm sure it gave other wealthy people some ideas...

We shall see if Westboro Baptist "Church" ever makes it over there to protest ISIS. I hope the guys with huge guns and knives will be more tolerant than Westboro Baptist Church.

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