Westboro Baptist Church Protesters Run Out of Town

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Less than three weeks after Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps died, his former congregation is at it again. This time, the Westboro Baptist Church members decided to picket a school in Moore, Oklahoma, a town that was devastated by a tornado last year. While the "God Hates Fags" signs were out again, the protesters were reportedly run out of town less than ten minutes into the protest.

Two dozen lives were claimed last May when an EF5 tornado struck the town of Moore, Oklahoma. Since then, the residents have been hard at work trying to put their lives and their town back together. While most people would feel compassion for people who have been through such a tragedy, this isn't true for the members of Westboro Baptist Church. This comes as no surprise, of course, since members of the church are notorious for pickets at funerals and other sites, but some people thought (or hoped) that the church would lay off for a while after their founder died.

Nope. Members of the church set up across from Central Junior High on Sunday. As you can see from the following video that was posted to Westboro Baptist Church's Vine page, the protesters had out all of their usual signs and did a little flag stomping.

While the image pieced together in the Vine video may depict a successful protest (successful if you're a WBC supporter), a video taken by a Moore resident across the street paints a completely different picture of the event and shows the protesters being run out by the townspeople:

According to KOCO, only ten WBC members showed up for the picket and they left less than ten minutes into their protest after a few of the 2,000 Moore residents present crossed the picket line and confronted them.

“I was afraid of a riot really. I didn’t know how long Westboro would stay, which they were smart to leave," said Dan Eccles, a resident who attended the protest. “They shagged tail, got in them cars and was leaving in a hurry. Oh yeah, they was gone!”

"If you come out here you're going to get all of us telling you to go home," said Moore resident Brenda Fox. Go home the WBC members did--it doesn't look like any of the Moore residents that crossed the picket line got physical, but the protesters certainly didn't stick around long after the residents began closing in.

Judging from some posts on WBC's Twitter page, these folks are a little unhappy that the world is finding out how unsuccessful their latest protest went. For example, this gem was posted to show how peaceful people promoting hate are:

Even though Westboro Baptist Church's protest in Moore, Oklahoma wasn't exactly successful, the church has a few other protests planned for April. This includes picketing Kansas University and a Bill Maher comedy act.

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