Wendy's Beats BK: That's a Delicious Burger!


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No Jules, it's not a Big Kahuna burger, it's from Wendy's. America thinks they're very delicious! In fact, Wendy's has finally beat Burger King (BK) for the first time, taking the second place slot behind McDonald's. Though BK still has many more restaurants than Wendy's, Uncle Dave seems to have won-out in sales revenue.

Here's what the sales figures worked out to be for 2011; McDonalds earned just over $34 billion, Wendy's was far behind with $8.5 billion, and BK was third with $8.4 billion in sales. Not too shabby, but I don't think McDonald's is worried.

So that's the story with the top hamburger joints and it used to be that these giants were tops overall for food service, but that has changed. McDonald's is still number overall, but Subway and Starbucks have moved into the second and third places overall for food service respectively.

Subway came in with sales reaching $11.4 billion and Starbucks was just behind them with $9.8 billion in sales for 2011. Impressive, Subway has become very popular. Of course Starbucks made the list, I heard they're thinking about offering financing on their pricier beverages.

As for Burger King's poor performance, I can attest that their service has slipped several notches, as their employees are usually too stoned to get my order. This is unfortunate because I have really enjoyed their burgers in the past. They are no Big Kahuna burger, but then, few are.