Wendy Williams Wants To Be The Fifth 1D Member? Says Zayn Malik Should Be Kicked Out Of Band

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The Wendy Williams Show host Wendy Williams feels Zayn Malik’s bowing out of One Direction is not a big deal at all.

“I feel as though if you can do five-part harmony, it’s just as easy to do four-part harmony,” she said, dismissing Malik’s absence from the popular boy band. “I say kick this guy out of the group because now, that’s more money for the rest of us. We don’t have to split our money five ways.”

Malik, 22, announced earlier this month that he will be taking a hiatus due to stress. The heartthrob broke the hearts of millions of screaming girls worldwide when he decided to fly back home to the U.K. and be with his family instead of continuing with One Direction’s Asian tour.

“I admire him for standing in his own truth, which is that being a celebrity — particularly as a young person — it’s a lot and all he wants to do is go back and live a normal life,” Williams explained to exasperated 1D fans. “I appreciate people who stand in their own truths, so if this is what this guy wants, kick him out of the band.”

“We don’t need to audition anybody new,” Williams said, sparking rumors of her being the new “fifth guy” of the band.

Williams, who is well known for her witty tactlessness and expert gossips, will host and produce a new, six-episode, TV series, entitled Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams. The show will recount murders brought about by dirty rumors.

“It’s the stuff that happens in towns and cities everywhere, where you’ve got the principal sleeping with the manager at the local store and she’s married — and it ends in death,” says Williams. “They’re cases full of gossip, like the game of ‘telephone.’”

Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams will premier this fall and will feature re-enactments of real-life murder cases narrated by Williams.

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