Wendy Williams Talks 50-Pound Weight Loss, First Dieted in First Grade

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Wendy Williams has lost an impressive 50 pounds, but admits weight has long been an issue for her. In fact, she admits to first dieting in the first grade.

"My first diet was in the first grade! Tuna fish and mustard with yogurt on the side. Weight was a big thing for me to overcome," she said following an episode of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, when she answered fans questions.

So exactly how did Wendy Williams lose her weight? It is actually a combination of things that resulted--and continue to work to her advantage--in the change. She does both cardio and Pilates for strength, and she no longer eats red meat.

"I can't say that that has made me lose weight because I already lost 50 pounds in three years, which I find to be amazing," she said. "Because, of all the crazy diets I've been on, none have ever been as effective as [saying to myself], 'Just push back, fatso. Just stop eating so much.'"

"And I don't love food as much as I used to," Wendy Williams, who has also dropped refined sugars, dairy and eating after dark, says.

She has also "picked up on other great habits like juicing."

Williams shared a sweet story about her son's reaction to her present health and fitness plan.

"My son said something to me this weekend that made me feel really good, but it's not going to steer me off my path. He said, 'Mommy, I don't even know why you go to the gym. ... Because you're already skinny, you've got no weight to lose. You don't need to go to the gym. Why do you go? It's just a waste of your time and your money.'"

"I go to the gym because it's not about me losing weight at this point, it's about me trying to fight heart disease," she explained.

Kudos to Wendy Williams on her amazing weight loss, but even more for sharing her wisdom with her fans. Because she didn't rely on a fad diet or extreme measures to lose the 50 pounds, she serves as an excellent example to all who aim to follow in her footsteps.

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