Weird Things To Write Off On Your Taxes [Infographic]


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I love covering pseudo-holidays. Earlier this month we had Pie Day, Steak and a BJ Day (same day, actually -- great day, actually), and the Ides of March. And, of course, April Fools' Day is just over them thar hills. But you know what other special day is coming up fast, right?

You cheated. You read the headline. Yup, Tax Time is nigh upon us.

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Of course, you're a prudent, organized, and responsible taxpayer-cum-reader-of-blogs, so you've already filed and are reading this on the new tablet you bought with your refund. I am sure of this.

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But even if you also paid your taxes this year, you might have missed out on a handful of bizarre write-offs that could have netted you even more on that refund check. And if you're still waiting to file, you might want to look over this infographic from TurboTax and see if you've missed anything. Maybe you're a bodybuilder with a costly body oil habit, or maybe you've donated your venison to charity. You could even write off some of your fitness expenses, provided your doctor officially declares it necessary. (Does that mean you can write off a box of Cheerios, too?) So that's three of twelve. Have a look and see nine other weird things people have gotten away with deducting from their taxes:

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Did they miss anything? Let us know about weird tax deductions you've claimed or heard about. It would be especially timely if you comment on this before April 15th.

[Via TurboTax, H/T: AllTop, Video Credit: Matt Groenig/Fox/The Simpsons, Image Source: ThinkStock]