Weight Loss: Changes You Need To Make Now


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Most Americans decide to jump into a weight loss plan right after the new year. It's a good calatylst, the thought of a fresh start and a new you. But there's no need to wait until the 1st to prepare yourself. Start being aware now so you can see more success out of your weight loss plan.

First, use this BMR calculator to understand how many calories your body needs daily to function. This is your minimum daily calorie count. It's pretty simple: if you go over the limit, you gain weight, and vice versa. Understanding and knowing this number first will help you make smart decisions when deciding what to eat and what your body really needs. Hint: a lot of the time, hunger pains are confused with thirst pains. If you find yourself wanting to snack an hour or two after a meal, try a tall, cold glass of water first.

Set your alarm. Sleep consistency influences body weight. Start practicing this now by for heading to bed and waking up around the same time every day. This small change can help keep your weight loss consistent and avoid seeing the pounds creep back up come March.

Eat in the morning. Which has been said in every weight loss plan over and over again, but it's really true. Don't skip breakfast. Something small and packed with proteins is enough to kickstart your metabolism and set it in motion for the day. Think of it as firing up an engine: it needs a bit of gas to get moving. Plus, it will work faster throughout the day, so you'll get a higher calorie burn out of your jog or even going up that flight of stairs. It'll boost your overall energy level for the day, too, so the 2pm coffee or soda won't seem as appealing.

No more fried food. They're loaded with trans fat, which not only leads to heart disease, but also has negative side effects on our body that linger for months after the calories from that donut or french fries have been burned off. Try choosing baked over fried whenever possible (and usually, it'll taste just as good!)

Remember: weight loss shouldn't be an intimidating or overwhelming process. Small decisions everyday, ones that barely effect the routine of our lives, can help start that change. Awareness of how we're treating our bodies will lead to better decision making and soon, your balanced diet and lifestyle will reflect in a smaller waistline.