Websites Let You Cash In Your iPad 2 Towards An iPad 3

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With the launch of the iPad 3 imminent, those who are planning to upgrade, are no doubt wondering how best to pay for latest iteration of Apple’s magical device. While there’s been little information on the iPad 3’s pricing, it is unlikely that the price tag will drop much (if at all) from the cost of the iPad 2 or original iPad. That means that getting into the least expensive model will probably run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $500; models with more storage space or 3G (4G?) capability will likely be even more expensive.

As it happens, there are a few websites out there that will take that old iPad - or Kindle Fire, for that matter - off your hands, and give you some cash to put toward your new iPad. One such site, NextWorth, will take a wide variety of devices, including the iPad 2. A 16GB wifi only iPad 2 will net you $274.50 from NextWorth if it’s in like new condition. A 64GB 3G iPad 2, meanwhile, will bring in $418.50 (again, in like new condition).

Nextworth iPad 2

While NextWorth isn’t very widely known, another online retailer you may have heard of is doing much the same thing. eBay’s Instant Sale option works in much the same way as NextWorth, though it doesn’t seem to pay quite as well. A 64GB iPad 2 with AT&T 3G will get you as much as $345.77 on eBay, while the Verizon version will brings in up to $402.97.

eBay's Instant Sale Program

While its possible that you could get more out of your old device in a traditional eBay auction, or on a site like Craigslist, NextWorth and eBay Instant Sale definitely let you skip the uncertainty of an auction and put the money in your pocket a lot more quickly. For a lot of people who find themselves in a hurry to upgrade, that may make up for getting a little less out of your device.

Do you plan to upgrade? Will you use a site like eBay or NextWorth to do it? Are there any other sites that will buy devices this way? Let us know in the comments.