WebGL Has Come A Long Way Since Last Year

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Last year, Mozilla released an impressive tech demo called BananaBread that showed how HTML5 and WebGL can handle 3D rendering in a game. It was very basic, but it showed a lot of promise, especially in Web-based texture compression. Now one developer has released a new tech demo that blows prior experiments in WebGL 3D rendering out of the water.

Mozilla has the story of Anthony Liot, a developer for Actisku He took on the task of porting a 3D engine called Unigine to HTML5 using Mozilla's Web technologies and Emscripten. The results are absolutely mind blowing. You can check out the non-interactive demo here. It works in either Firefox or Chrome.

If your browser, namely Internet Explorer, can't display WebGL rendered 3D visuals, check out some screenshots below:

HTML5-Based 3D Rendering

HTML5-Based 3D Rendering

HTML5-Based 3D Rendering

For more details on this project, check out Actisku's blog post.