Web Browsing Via Windows Drops

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Web browsing while using Windows OS is down by almost 7%, according to a report by ad network Chitika, regarding browsing trends, taken from August 2011 to February 2012. This number has been mainly affected by the increasing popularity of iOS.

Also, for the first time, the use of iOS has surpassed Mac OS on the web just recently.

Still, Apple, if one were to count the iPad, has recently been declared the largest U.S. PC maker, so gains with iOS browsing trends can be attributed to their iPad. Apple has also been selling more iOS devices than Macs by a long shot.

Likewise, Smartphone shipments outweighed PC sales in 2011, with 488 million phones versus 415 computers being sold. Though interestingly, this might correlate with a lull in PC production after component shortages due to Thailand's 2011 monsoon season, when flooding disrupted factory production.

Chitika's research further cements the expanding popularity of the iOS device for web browsing, which may overtake the traditional PC in the future.

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