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One of the coolest things the WebProNews crew saw at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas was the proof of concept display set up by tech company ASUS. On display was what is being referred to as Waveface technology.

In a pamphlet handed out at the show, ASUS says it believes that the future of information technology will be rooted strongly in mobility and the cloud lies at the heart. "But granting access to vast amounts of data wherever you happen to be runs the risk of information overload, which is why ASUS is working on devices that deliver just the information you need, when you need it," it says. That's where Wavface comes in. On display were three designs: the Waveface Casa, the Waveface Light, and the Waveface Ultra. Each can be viewed in the following video from the show:

The Waveface Casa is intended for home use. It's basically a big widescreen TV, but it acts as both an entertainment center and an Internet portal. "Unlike current big-screen TVs, the Casa isn't designed to dominate a room and much of the screen is hidden behind a flexible cover when it's not in use, leaving just small exposed areas that show useful information."

It's really the kind of thing that has to be seen (see video) to appreciate. That is the case with the other designs as well.

The Waveface light is like a notebook, but it's flexible, and the keyboard keys actually come out of the screen. The Ultra is a flexible smartphone that you can wear on your wrist and operate by simply moving your hand while you wear it. Again, just watch the video.

Unfortunately, these are only proof of concept designs, which means that you won't be able to just go out and buy one of these products, but the technology behind them shows you some potential coolness that we may be seeing from actual products down the road.

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