Watch These 3D Printed Cars Race, Jump And Explode

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Every year, the Industrial Design Society of America hosts a conference where designers around the world meet up to discuss the latest trends and share their latest designs. As part of the conference this year, Inventables hosted an event called Launch Day that challenged designers to design and 3D print a derby style car.

Now, any regular old design conference would be happy to just judge these cars based solely on the design. That would be just fine, but Inventables wanted to make things interesting by introducing a ramp. This ramp played a big role in the car designs as the designers not only had to make the most beautiful car, but they also had to build a car that could jump far and crash hard.

In the below video, you'll see the results of the competition which included 10 outstanding designs ranging from the functional to the weird. As you might expect, however, it was the weird designs that won the day as these vehicles were built to explode upon impact with the ground.

As one of the presenters says, a lot of these designs are really only possible on 3D printers. With the advent of the 3D printed car, we might even see some of these designs enlarged to become real cars. It's too much of a stretch to think that we would ever see them on the road, but I would not be opposed to a real-life Wacky Races.

[Image: inventables/YouTube] [h/t: Stratasys blog]