Watch the First Two Seasons of Star Trek - All at Once


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For those of you who just can't wait for the next Star Trek film, YouTube user twilight1138 has got a fix for you. The user posted a video of the first 56 episodes of the original Star Trek series, complete with overlapping sound. From the YouTube description:

If you wanted to re-watch the classics but couldn't find the time, here's your chance. 56 episodes, the full first 2 seasons, simultaneously, and with sound! You'll be finished in no time 😉

Twilight1138 does admit to a slight cheat, though. Since the first season pilot "The Man Trap" is much longer than the other episodes, so it was replaced with the first episode of the third season, "Spock's Brain." Still, it's 56 episodes of classic science fiction to fill your screen with.

A few things from the video stand out. It's fun to see how much screen time Kirk, Spock, and McCoy get. The flow of episodes is very similar, with action coming at around the same times. Things really start to heat up around the 35-minute mark, and then the climaxes hit at around minute 45, accompanied by lots of quick-cut editing. This is followed by the denouement, which might be the best part of the video. Nearly every episode features a smug close-up of William Shatner delivering a profound quip, and a reaction from Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley.

The music cues follow the action and are really a highlight of this video. The horns pick up and punctuate the action-packed moments. Mostly, though, its sounds the same as a large, crowded Star Trek convention.

Take a look for yourself and feast on the essence of what the original Star Trek series is:

(via blastr)