Watch Google's Matt Cutts Give Some "Advice" On Ranking #1 (Humor)

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Google's Matt Cutts has put out hundreds of videos as part of his webmaster help series. I'll assure you that nothing like what you're about to hear has ever appeared in any of them.

Call it the anti-SEO help video of the decade, and if you're a webmaster you can call it site suicide. You can laugh at this Matts Cutts parody video all you want, just don't take any of its advice seriously.

"In addition to keyword stuffing, we look at links to porn sites. Not that many people tend to link that much to sites within the porn industry. That's the sort of thing that's going to be really rewarding for users, so link to porn sites. Could it be annoying? Yes, it could be annoying, but that's perfectly fine."

That's one of the gems from this clever mashup from SEO guy Sam Applegate. He took (probably way to much) time to organize and analyze Cutt's many videos and came up with this video on how to rank #1 in Google search. Except, as you may have derived from the last quote, this guide won't have you ranking anywhere near #1.

"I do think that Bing or Blekko or Duck Duck Go are potentially doing illegal things like hacking sites," says Cutts in fragments. Check it out below:

For his part, Cutts is aware of the video and his concern was with how much time it had to have taken its creator:

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[h/t Search Engine Roundtable]
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