'Watch Dogs', 'Far Cry' Movies on the Way

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In 2011, Ubisoft created Ubisoft Motion Pictures to bring its game properties to the big screen. In the time since, movie projects for an Assassin's Creed adaptation and Splinter Cell movie have been linked to big-name stars such as Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender.

Though neither of those movies have made their way to theaters, it is now clear that Ubisoft's movie ambitions are huge. Variety this week is reporting that film projects for Ubisoft properties Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and its Rabbids characters are already underway.

Watch Dogs has not even been released as a video game yet, showing how confident Ubisoft is in the new game, which will be released alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles this fall. It is an open-city, Grand Theft Auto-style game that throws in a high-tech city systems that can be "hacked" to the player's advantage.

The Rabbids grew out of Rayman games and are silly, inept, destructive, babble-talking characters. Ubisoft announced a new Nickelodeon TV show based on the Rabbids its big E3 conference. The Rabbids movie, according to Variety, will be a live action movie with CG Rabbids.

The Far Cry series' latest title, Far Cry 3, was released in December 2012 and was received with good reviews. It is a first person shooter that pits the player against wildlife, pirates, and mercenaries on a tropical island.

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