Watch 130 Episodes of the Simpsons Simultaneously [Video]

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Technology can be great. It's purported to speed up and streamline the stuff we have to do, leaving us with more time to relax and watch our favorite shows. But it also brings us near-instant and almost universal access (if we're lucky enough to be in a country that still fights censorship) to things we like to spend our free time on. Like our favorite shows.

Funny how tech can turn even leisure time into a stressful activity, though; we're overloaded with so much stuff we could be doing at all hours of the day that sometimes we have can have little mini-crises in planning the most efficient way to waste our time. So what do we do? Well, if your mind works like Romain Vuillemot of Paris, you attack the problem with some programming know-how and, all of a sudden, you're saving valuable rec time by watching 130 episodes of The Simpsons all at the same time.

Of course, I built that up a little bit. Vuillemot aggregated just 3 minutes and 21 seconds of the episodes' intros into a video, and he was gracious enough to turn the sound off. But it's a stunning visual effect, especially in the first minute or so of footage. Vuillemot describes the video:

    -Top to bottom: each row shows a season (from season 1 to season 10)
    -Left to right: each column shows an episode (from episode 1 to episode 13)

Vuillemot claims the compilation took him just 10 lines of code and a few hours processing. You can follow him and his work on Twitter @romsson.

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