Warner Bros Imposes Ridiculous 28 Day Waiting Period To Add New Releases To Your Netflix Queue

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In an effort to boost ailing DVD sales, Warner Bros has made another out of touch decision regarding their arrangement with Netflix.

According to the LA Times, beginning February 1st, Netflix users will not be able to immediately add new Warner Bros releases to their DVD queue. Currently, as soon as a new film jumps into Netflix's database, users can add it to their queue. Of course, they still have to wait the designated window before the DVD will actually ship, but it serves as a kind of placeholder.

Well, now users will have to wait 28 days after the film is released on DVD before they can even add a new Warner release to their queue.

Earlier this month, Warner Bros and Netflix reached an agreement that extended the new release window from 28 days to 56 days. Once a DVD goes on sale, Netflix will have to wait nearly two months before they can ship the DVD out to customers. This rule also applies to Warner Bros new releases with Blockbuster and Redbox.

So now, a Netflix customer will have to wait 28 days to even add a new release to their queue, and then wait another 28 days before it's actually shipped.

Apparently, the idea behind this is that any obstacle to lower-cost film viewing is good. Warner Bros believes that the current Netflix policy makes the wait for a new DVD tolerable. If a person adds it to their queue, they know it's on the way. There's a clear indication that as soon as it's available, it will be shipped right out to their house.

But in the mind of Warner Bros, not having the DVD sitting comfortably in your queue will make you more likely to go out and buy the full-priced DVD.

It's shit like this, Warner Bros. And people wonder why downloading a film seems like such an attractive option to many.

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