Want To Repair A Broken Nexus 7 Tablet? Watch This Video

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is one of the hottest tablets on the market right now. It’s cheap enough to have mass appeal while having enough power to run even the most demanding of Android apps. It’s going to start facing some stiff competition at the hands of the Kindle Fire HD soon enough, but the tablets can co-exist. Of course, what happens if you break your tablet? Do you just buy a new one? Or do you fix it yourself?

For the more adventurous consumers out there, fixing technology yourself isn’t that big of a deal. In fact, it can be pretty easy and even fun. The Nexus 7 has proven itself to be pretty good about being taken apart and put back together. That’s why it’s probably best for you to just fix it yourself.

The guys at Direct Fix has created a video guide on how to take apart a Nexus 7 tablet for repairs. The main focus of the video is obviously the repair aspect, but it’s fascinating to see the innards of the Nexus 7 up close in video form. Google and Asus really went all out on this one and it shows in the hardware.

The true benefit of the video is that it shows you how to disassemble and then reassemble the Nexus 7. Too many guides only show you to disassemble devices and just expect you to follow the directions in reverse when it comes time to reassemble the device. If you’re like me, going in reverse has never been easy.

It should be noted that these repairs should only be attempted by somebody who knows what they’re doing. The video directions are obviously a help, but even the slightest mistake could ruin the tablet for good. Make sure you have all the proper tools and accessories when making any kind of technology repairs.

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