Want To Build Google Drive Apps? Watch This Video

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Among all the product announcements and app updates from Google I/O, it's easy to forget the developers. The people at Google I/O are there to learn. Those who couldn't afford tickets or just weren't fast enough to grab some will have to settle for YouTube videos.

Google Drive is one of the more exciting products that Google is building up now. We already saw some of the new features that Drive will be bringing to the cloud-based productivity market. It's a major hit among businesses for that very reason according to Google since it allows real-time cooperation.

Now, your business or group may use Google Drive and they have tasked you to start building apps for Google Drive so that workers can get more stuff done together. The only problem is that you know nothing about building something for Google Drive. That's why Google I/O exists so that you can learn all the new tips and tricks available to Google Drive SDK developers.

If you are interested in Google Drive development or even have been involved with development in the past, you really should check out the below video. It contains a lot of great information on building Google Drive apps as well some new features coming to the SDK for those who have already been building for Google Drive in the past.

If Google Drive is good enough for 50 million businesses worldwide, it's good enough for you. Now get to learning so you can really impress us with some fantastic apps.

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