Want Dinner With The Woz From Apple?

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It is not that that often that you get the opportunity to have dinner with a famous person, celebrity, or well-known tech geek. Now, with thanks to Crucial.com, you may have the chance to have a nice dinner with tech company Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (more well known as "The Woz").

Although, not just anyone can dine with The Woz. To be in his company for this luxury event, you must answer various questions about how you utilize your Mac computer and some history about Apple products as well.

To enter into the competition to dine with The Woz, click here to access the registration page Crucial.com registration for this event, and you will be enrolled to have dinner with Steve Wozniak at one of his favorite restaurants in Silicon Valley, California.

Interested? The competition runs from now until June 15th. Entrants of the competition are also eligible of winning a DRAM/SDRAM upgrade for their Mac computer.

If you do get to go, be sure to ask The Woz to do the worm for you: