Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs: He's Not Warm and Fuzzy

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The much-anticipated biography of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hits the shelves today, and 60 Minutes sat down with the author of the book for an exclusive interview, airing on Sunday evening.

Walter Isaacson, a former TIME magazine editor, sat down with Steve Kroft to talk about his new book, "Steve Jobs." The book, the first authorized biography of the tech legend, was constructed through dozens of interviews with Jobs himself as well as the people around him that knew him the best.

Much of the biography was leaked before its actual publication, and the excerpts have confirmed that the new book attempts to show Jobs as human, if nothing else. At the beginning of Isaacson's interview, 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft says that he thinks "it's a tough book."

Isaacson responds that "it's a book that's fair, I mean, this is a real human being."

During the interview, Isaacson portrays Jobs as an individualist, a genius that refused to "succumb to authority," as well as man that could be "brittle" and "petulant." It truly is a fascinating look into a notoriously private man.

Check out the interview below:

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