Walmart Worker Fired for Helping Assaulted Woman

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After a Walmart employee stepped in to help a woman being assaulted in the store's parking lot, the last thing he expected was to lose his job. Unfortunately for Kristopher Oswald, 30, that is exactly what happened at the Walmart in Hartland, Michigan.

Oswald said that he was eating in his car on his break earlier this week when he heard a woman screaming and saw a man hanging onto the hood of her car. When he walked over to see what was going on and to find out if the woman needed help, the man attacked Oswald. Oswald was punched in the head while the man screamed "I'm going to kill you" at him.

Just as Oswald gained an advantage on the man attacking him and was able to get on top of him, two other men came up from behind and jumped Oswald. Livingston County Sheriff deputies arrived to end the attack. While most would want to give Oswald a pat on the back for trying to help a woman he thought was in trouble, Walmart decided to fire him.

"The last thing I expected was to not have a job," said Oswald, who stocked pet food shelves during the graveyard shift. The reason Oswald was given on his termination papers for being fired was "after a violation of company policy on his lunch break, it was determined to end his temporary assignment." Oswald had only been with Walmart for seven weeks and was on a 180-day probation period.

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Ashley Hardie, representative for Walmart, spoke briefly on the matter and said that firing Oswald was "a tough decision, one that we don't take lightly, and he's no longer with the company."

When Oswald was asked if he would change his actions in the situation if he could, he said, "I will always do the right thing."

Many people are outraged over the Walmart worker being let go and some are threatening to boycott the retail giant. A Phoenix, Arizona woman, Paula Reed, started a petition on asking Walmart to hire back Kristopher Oswald.

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