Walmart Flash Mob Destroys Merchandise, Starts Food Fight

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For those of you who often ponder just how genuinely fragile civilized life in the United States truly is, have a look at the raw video for the now-infamous "Walmart flash mob" that descended upon the retailer Saturday night located at the bottom of this article. All it took was approximately 300 rowdy teenagers to completely disrupt everything, and that's with very little organization on the part of the would-be revelers. Just imagine what these individuals could accomplish if someone decided to channel all of this misplaced teenage energy into something productive. Silly me, being naive again. I promise I'll keep that in check.

Let's get one thing straight: This isn't the modern, squeaky-clean flash mob you've seen on various early morning chat shows when you're getting ready for work. No, this is an old-fashioned flash mob, one that shows up with very little warning to do whatever the hell it wants to do. In this case, these folks had nothing but mayhem and destruction on their minds, and that's precisely what went down inside a Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend.

After a nearby party was busted up by the local police force following an alleged shooting, nearly everyone in attendance decided to head to the neighborhood superstore. 300 teenagers suddenly descended upon the retailer, cutting a swath of destruction throughout the store. Merchandise was stolen, destroyed, or carelessly tossed about. At one point, people actually started throwing food at one another while horrified employees and innocent bystanders watched helplessly from the sidelines. Among the stolen items was an anti-theft security system, which proves once again that technology doesn't stand a chance against unruly teenagers.

Although the embedded video is far from hilarious, it does feature a few chuckle-worthy moments. For instance, one guy can be heard telling everyone that he's selling food stamps, while others proudly announce that they're headed to Wendy's following the impromptu gathering. Reports have also indicated that gunshots were heard inside the store during the chaos, though no injuries or property damage have been reported.

Police admit that no one was arrested following the flash mob's assault on the Walmart location, though some of the teens involved will most likely face charges. Assuming, of course, the local authorities can locate some of the individuals responsible for this madness. If you're curious to see the mob in action, take a look at the video embedded below. It's a little shaky and pixelated, but you'll definitely get an idea of what went down.

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