Walmart Customer Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Butt

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Walmart customer Todd Canady was shopping at a Dallas, Texas location when he sauntered up to the check-out line to pay for his purchases. Instead of pulling out his wallet when the total was revealed, Canady grabbed the Springfield .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol tucked in his waistband. As a result, the gun accidentally went off, blowing a new hole in his backside. Shrapnel from the blast also wounded a woman and a five-year-old child.

Instead of sticking around to make sure everyone was all right, Canady and his bullet wound bolted from the store. Although police were forced to engage the shooter in a foot pursuit, he was eventually apprehended and arrested for his actions. Not surprisingly, authorities don't take kindly to folks who fire weapons inside department stores and then attempt to flee the scene.

"The bullet struck Canady in the buttock, then ricochet on the floor and broke into pieces. Two children and a woman were also wounded when they were struck by bullet fragments," KDFW-TV reported. Although Todd had a concealed weapon permit for the firearm, he's still going to jail for evading arrest. Additionally, Canady might find himself being charged with felony injury to a child.

It doesn't pay to shop at Walmart these days. If your child isn't getting hit by stray bullets, chances are you're going to be menaced by roving packs of unruly teenagers who are looking for a place to hold an impromptu party. Never mind all of the freaks and geeks and weirdos documented at People of Walmart. This world is full of extremely frightening people, and, as far as I can tell, they all shop at America's leading retailer.

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