Walmart Alligator To Be Put Down

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An alligator found wandering around a Florida Walmart will be put down, officials say, for the safety of nearby residents.

The gator was safely captured by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission after scaring a few shoppers, but a spokesperson for the group said that because he has absolutely no fear of humans, it's dangerous to let him go in the wild.

“He’ll be put down, unfortunately,” said Karen Parker of the FWC. “It looks like he has lost the fear of people, and we don’t want to take the chance of him hurting anybody.”

The gator got close enough to the building to cause the automatic doors to open and shut, so employees locked the store down until police arrived.

“It was right against the door," said shopper Robin Watkins. "I mean you could see it. It was probably 5 almost 6 feet long. It was a nice size gator, just chillin'. It was neat. It was neat to see. But I’m glad they locked the doors for safety because I do have my child with me.”

Image: ABC News screenshot

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