Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Gets a Real Trailer


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Back near the beginning of the year, gameplay footage from Activision's upcoming Walking Dead: Survival Instinct video game hit the web. The footage was so dreadful that fans speculated it must be from an unfinished version of the game, and Activision later confirmed that the video was a fan edit of footage from an early build of the game, and that it doesn't reflect on the game's actual quality.

The 20-second release date trailer released in mid-January raised suspicions about the game's quality by showing absolutely no game footage. Instead, it featured some bland statements about the game from the actors who play the game's characters on The Walking Dead AMC TV show.

Today Survival Instinct has finally gotten an "Official" trailer featuring footage from the game. Unfortunately, it does nothing to assuage gamers' fears that the game is only a low-quality cash-in on a popular TV brand. The video appears to be made up almost entirely of in-game cut scenes, with graphics that don't appear to have changed much from the "early build" footage leaked earlier. There are only a few quick-cuts to shots that look like they could possibly be actual gameplay footage. This is with less than two months to go before the game's March 19 release date.