Walking Dead Prank Should Make You Trust Sidewalk Grates Even Less

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I wouldn't call it a phobia, but I really hate walking on top of sidewalk grates. It's not that I ever imagine a horde of zombies walkers busting through, grabbing my feet, and pulling me down to entrails town - you know, it's just not solid ground. Creepy.

Anyway, speaking of hordes of zombies walkers hiding under grates, AMC recently decided to promote the return of The Walking Dead by scaring the absolute shit out of a bunch of New Yorkers. Fun!

Check out all the reactions below which, unsurprisingly, include people freaking out, people trying to look cool while freaking out, and one freaked out cop. I approve of this style of marketing.

Speaking of this style of marketing, the "prank ad" is becoming more of a thing. They did it for last year's Carrie remake, and unfortunately the prank ad was probably more enjoyable than the actual film. To promote the recent horror film Devil's Due, promoters orchestrated a devil baby attack featuring a truly unsettling little animatronic baby. Say what you will, but at least it's better than being forced to watch the same trailer/promo for the 400th time.

The Walking Dead returns from its mid-season hiatus this Sunday.

Image via AMC, YouTube

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