Walking Dead Finale Teased Out By Producer


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The Walking Dead may be one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons to ever grace our televisions. It took the usual campy subject of zombies and made it into something with more bite. With the finale airing tonight, fans are wondering what's going happen to their favorite characters.

E! Online is reporting that producer Glen Mazzara told a group of reporters during a conference call, "We're on a good killing spree right now," in regards to what's going to happen during tonight's finale. This pretty much confirms that somebody is going to die, but who? Mazzara was tight lipped, but he did confirm a few things. He first said that "there will be bloodshed." He said that the characters are never safe, and that the writing team has considered killing off every character in some way.

In what may make some fans angry, he confirmed that the finale tonight will end in a cliffhanger. The team wants to set up stories tonight that will continue onto season three. He does say that viewers will be asking "good questions" after the finale is over. I'm sure a few fans are still going to throw their TVs out the window in protest of the cliffhanger

In regards to Lori, the pregnant character in the series, Mazzara said that they would kill her off if it "propels the story forward." He says that nothing is over the line for them, even killing a pregnant woman. Mazzara also says that the show is going to focus more on Rick and his responsibility as the leader.

The Walking Dead finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on AMC. Check out the trailer and give us your predictions: