"Wahlburgers": Brothers Announce Reality Show

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"Wahlburgers", the new reality show starring famous brothers Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, is set to premiere on A&E in January, and will showcase the family restaurant of the same name.

The show will also include other Wahlberg family members, including brother Paul--the restaurant's executive chef--and mother Alma, and may give us a glimpse into their history with one another; Donnie has said that the name of the burger restaurant came from a nickname he acquired as a kid.

"They called us that as kids. They used to tease me," Donnie said. "They'd say 'Hey Wahlburger.' [That is] if they weren't calling me junior jailbird 'cause my older brothers being inmates all the time."

The family will see a second restaurant open in Toronto in 2014, which will surely add to the show's drama factor. Yet this reality show will be different from any we've seen simply because of the subjects and their decades of fame prior to the show.

A&E Network Executive VP and General Manager David McKillop said, "We're thrilled to partner with the entire Wahlberg family as they graciously lift the curtain to share this new side of their story. This series offers viewers a new take on the celebrity reality series showcasing one of America's favorite families."

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