Waffle House Robbed By Man With Pitchfork

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Reality is stranger than fiction, and sometimes you have to creative with the robbery process.

In Norcross, Georgia, police are searching for Jeffery Wooten, a 50-year-old man that robbed Buford highway’s Waffle House with a pitchfork on Thursday night.

Surveillance photos unveiled Mr. Wooten with a purple ski-mask and pajamas (some Hugh Hefner outfit) yielding an iron pitchfork with a wooden handle and pointing it across the counter; he forced employees into the backroom and then moved to the cash register.

“When he realized he couldn’t get the cash register open, he took the whole cash register and exited the store… with his pitchfork,” Norcross police Chief Warren Summers told Channel 2 Action News.

When the swindling was through, Wooten stumbled out of the restaurant, realizing the cumbersomeness of a cash register in one hand and an agricultural tool in the other. According to WSB-TV, he dropped his weapon, and dashed on the sideway for his truck parked near a Rite Aid.

After realizing Wooten unequipped his mighty weapon, the employees at Waffle House wanted their revenge.

“Once he didn’t have a pitchfork, he wasn't as brazen. I know that,” Summers said.

Norcross Police said that two of the employees ran after Wooten, picking up and yielding the very weapon that herded them earlier. The back window of the truck shattered into sparkles of glass, and Wooten himself received a few blows from the pitchfork. Wooten managed to flee temporarily, with detectives issuing warrants for his arrest for armed robbery.

“It wouldn't be an offensive weapon in your garden, but it was in a Waffle House,” Summers said.

According to police, Wooten took the pitchfork from a relative’s house of which he’s staying at, which isn't too far away from the Waffle House he robbed.

As of Friday afternoon, Wooten is currently in custody.

Image via WSBTV

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