Voss Rejects Samsung's Second 3G Patent Lawsuit


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Mannheim's Regional Court's Judge Andreas Voss dismissed the second 3G patent lawsuit against Apple by Samsung. Samsung has been seeking settlements from Apple on infringement claims regarding various 3G/ UMTS patents in various jurisdictions.

These lawsuits merely add to a long list of legal battle between the two technology giants. Earlier this week Apple lost in efforts to prove Samsung, and partner Galaxy Tab, guilty of infringing on FOSS patents in a Dutch court.

No doubt that Samsung will be appealing some of the court decisions. So far though neither Apple nor Samsung has made very much progress in their litigation against each other. One dominant cause for their lack of progress in the courts might be the fact that both corporations are doing very well sales wise.

Neither one can substantiate any significant losses due to the infringements, so no court has been eager to impose a settlement agreement. I am sure we have not see the last of these suits from either party.