Volkswagon Concept Hover Car Flys Through China

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Volkswagon has been at the forefront of automotive technology for years. Most recently it was the introduction of the fastest production car of all time Bugatti Veyron. Now they have the beginnings of a flying concept car. Not in the sense that it flys through the air like an airplane/car. But that it used electro magnets placed in the road to hover through the streets of a city in China.

The concept car has a cool feature that need to be pointed out. It has a collision detection system in place to keep people safe when they aren't paying attention or if they are slow to respond. I imagine the technology is related to the collision system that Mercedes uses wich basically uses small cameras and sophisticated software to detect threats and help you drive safer.

This is a very early concept and obviously not real, but what it does show is the potential of the new world that is coming quick. The attention to detail is kind of neat in the video, from the simple thing of the aluminum can being pushed out of the way. Even though aluminum isn't magnetic I still think it is kinda cool.