Vint Cerf Doesn't Think The Internet Is In Any Danger

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Vint Cerf knows a thing or two about the Internet - he helped invent it. So, what does he think about all the doom and gloom that's directed towards the future of the Internet? He's not worried in the least.

In a response to Danny Hillis' concern that the Internet may one day fail, Cerf says the ubiquity of the Internet will be its saving grace. In other words, the Internet's constant evolution and movement into every facet of our lives will ensure that it stays ahead of any potential threats.

Instead of putting his faith in a Plan B to save the Internet, Cerf says that a Plan C is much more likely to happen. In short, he thinks that something may come along that proves to be far more effective than the Internet. His bet is on quantum communication - an idea that's just crazy enough to work.

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