Vine's Age Rating Jumps to 17+ with Update

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Twitter's six-second video app that used to (and kind of still does) have a porn problem has just seen its age rating jump from 12+ to 17+.

Now, iOS users must be at least 17 years old to download the app - a change that came along with the new version 1.0.5., which just launched on Wednesday. The update gives users the ability to share Vines to Twitter and Facebook after posting and also ships various bug fixes. Although the age rating jump isn't mentioned in the update text, users will see the age-restricted warning box pop up when they attempt to download the app.

Vine was found to have a porn problem pretty much as soon as it launched. That problem was exacerbated when a very NSFW six-second clip somehow made its way into the "Editors Pick" section of the explore page.

That was quickly remedied, but the fact that porn was easily accessible on the app remained. In order to help keep pornographic imagery off of the eyes of youngsters, Vine began to censor porn-related hashtag searches like #porn, #nsfw, and #boobs.

As of now, porn is still able to be found on Vine, as the app guidelines don't ban it outright. It is a lot harder to find than it was surrounding launch, however. Plus, many NSFW videos are hidden behind a warning screen that users must tap through in order to reveal the video.

Last week another controversial photo app, 500px, was restored with a 17+ age rating after Apple previously yanked it for pornographic content.

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