Vine Sees Near YouTube-Level Engagement on Twitter

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If you're a brand who's looking to expand its social media strategy - you better give Vine a look if you're not already.

New data from SocialBakers suggests that Twitter users are almost as likely to engage with your Vine videos as they are to engage with any YouTube videos you post.

They looked at average engagement rates of tweets containing both YouTube videos and Vine videos, posted by targeted brands in the past month or so. What they found was that Vine is fast approaching YouTube in terms of content that's getting the clicks from Twitter users.

"Tweeted YouTube videos earned a 0.048% Engagement Rate. Compare this to Tweets containing Vine uploads which earned a 0.031% Engagement Rate. That means in the six months since Vine was introduced to social media, it has almost caught up to YouTube uploads on Twitter in terms of engagement. This is amazing considering that for most of its life, Vine was only available on iPhones and iPads," says SocialBakers.

And they're right. Vine just launched an Android app around two weeks ago. At that time, they reported 13 million registered users. Vine is definitely the new kid on the block, but it's definitely making an impression.

Vine is not only seeing a high level of engagement - but it's also simply seeing a higher level of exposure on Twitter. Last week, Vine video shares surpassed Instagram photo shares for the very first time. That's even more incredible when you think about the active user discrepancy between the two - 13 million registered users vs. 100 million monthly active users, respectively.

Sure, Instagram and Twitter had a falling out and Instagram photos are no longer displayed in Twitter's expanded tweets - but still, you can't deny Vine's quick influence in the social sphere.

Vine may even have Facebook (who owns Instagram) scared. Rumors indicate that Facebook may be gearing up to unveil short video capabilities, akin to Vine, for Instagram.

Brands are already using Vine to expand their social media reach. One example of the best use comes from Lowe's, who has been posting 6-second how-to videos for months now. They're pretty awesome.

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