Vine Currently Looking for a Lead Android Engineer (Among Other Positions)

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Vine is looking for a few good men or women to join its new office in Union Square. And one of those men or women will be heading Vine's plunge into the Android operating system.

Vine co-founder Colin Kroll tweeted out the news on Tuesday.

One of those positions is "Lead Android Engineer." Inside the job description for the Lead Android Engineer position, the top responsibility is to "lead development of the first version of Vine for Android." So there you go.

Vine is also currently looking for a Dev-ops Engineer, Lead iOS Engineer, Product Designer, Software Engineer, and Software Engineer (Front-End).

Twitter's Vine first launched back in January, on iOS only. Vine lets you take six-second videos and share them across other social networks. It received quite a bit of attention when it first launched, thanks to the fact that people will be people. You give them video capabilities, they'll give you porn.

But Vine's "porn problem" wasn't really that much of a problem - except that the app made it too easy to find (remember, nudity isn't banned on Vine).

To remedy that, Vine started blocking porn-related searches and slapped a 17+ mature rating on it in the App Store, likely to please the porn-nazis at Apple.

With the porn problem behind them, expanding into the Android platform will do nothing but improve Vine's visibility across social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. We already knew that Vine would eventually make an Android version of their app, but this job posting confirms that they're looking to do it. Now.

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