Vimeo On Demand Lets Creators Make Pay-to-View Videos with a 90/10 Split

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Back in September, Vimeo launched their new Creator Services suite, which they billed as a set of "simple, powerful tools to help creators make more money for doing what they do best." The first part of that was the "tip jar," which allowed video creators to set up donations on their video pages. At the time, Vimeo teased that paid videos were on the horizon.

A couple of months later in November, Vimeo took a baby step toward that with a pay-to-view service complete with six movies released to their Vimeo Movies site.

Today, Vimeo is launching the full video on demand service that will let video makers sell their work on the site. It's pay-to-view, put squarely in the hands of the creators.

"We’re creators ourselves, and we know how hard it can be to get your work out there and connect with an audience. Since we founded Vimeo in 2004, we’ve been dreaming of a world where more and more creators can support themselves with their work alone. Today we’re proud to be taking a big step in that direction, and there are many more exciting steps to come," says Vimeo.

Vimeo On Demand features customizable viewing options that let creators decide exactly how much to charge for their video, the viewing period (how long it can be viewed after purchase), and even where it can be viewed (regional limiting). Creators can also customize their Vimeo On Demand pages and sell the films on their own sites, using Vimeo's framework.

And the split is a flat 90/10. Creators keep 90% of the revenue generated by the views of their videos. Which, to a lot of artists, is a more than fair split.

To get started with Vimeo's new pay-to-view service, you must be a Vimeo PRO member.

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