Vimeo Boasts 14 Million Members and Over 675 Million Total Visits to End 2012

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Vimeo says that their 2012 was amazing, now that they've grown to the size of the principality of Liechtenstein. Like most companies, Vimeo has released their 2012 year-in review, which features some interesting user statistics. Mainly, their member base has grown exponentially in 2012.

"It’s that time of year when a company’s thoughts turn to itself. Which is frankly what a company is always thinking about, because you pretty much have to if you don’t want the company to flounder or go off the rails or insert your favorite catastrophe cliché here. And now that we’ve taken a good hard look at Vimeo, we’re left with two mutually inclusive thoughts: 1. Dang, there are a lot more homo sapiens here than last year. 2. Wow, we sure accomplished a lot in 2012," says Vimeo's Chris Diken.

Vimeo says that they now have over 14 million members, with over 5 million of them joining this year. That means that 37% of all Vimeo members are relatively new members.

Vimeo hosts over 50 million videos, as that milestone was hit back in September. Videos uploaded this year total over 3.2 petabytes of data with 1.4 petabytes transcoded. Vimeo says that 200+ petabytes were played in 2012.

And in total visits to the site, Vimeo hit 675 million.

If you're looking for some context to those numbers, YouTube boasts over 800 million unique visits every month. Last year, YouTube said they hosted over a trillion views.

Vimeo has had a busy year. They kicked it off with a significant site redesign back in January. A couple of months ago, they launched their new set of creator tools which included a Tip Jar for videomakers. They also kicked off their new pay-to-view product which they will continue to expand in 2013. Just recently, Vimeo shipped a major update to their iOS app and finally landed on the Xbox 360.

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