Vimeo Adds Content Ratings to Videos (Mature, All Audiences, Not Yet Rated)

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Vimeo allows non-sexual nudity (anything expect explicit porn). Everybody knows that. It's one of the things that sets it apart from other video streaming sites like YouTube.

Vimeo says that it's a testament to their "unflinching belief in the integrity of visual storytelling," because "one cannot ignore the naked, the violent, and the swearing when striving to capture the breadth of the human condition." Amen to that.

But not all video ares suitable for all audiences, even if they do accurately depict the human condition. With that in mind, Vimeo is introducing new content ratings.

Starting today, you'll see a new badge next to the title/artist info on all videos on the site. It will either read "mature," "all audiences," or "not yet rated."

"This means we’ll ask creators to tell us if there’s nudity, violence, or illegal substances (e.g., plutonium) in their videos, which can still be uploaded to Vimeo as long as they comply with our Guidelines. For those who never upload videos with mature content, it’s easy to mark everything as appropriate for all audiences in your global video settings," says Vimeo.

YouTube, for instance, has featured warnings on some videos that they have been restricted due to age guidelines and that they may contain mature content. Vimeo, who has always been known for allowing a little more artistic freedom should we say, isn't limiting any of that. They're just giving people an additional heads-up.

Josh Wolford
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