Vikram Kumar Is The New CEO Of Mega


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With all the theatrics surrounding the life of Kim Dotcom and the launch of Mega, it's easy to forget that the startup is a legitimate file sharing business. As such, the company was in need of a permanent CEO as current CEO Tony Lentino was only in the position on a temporary basis. After some searching, it looks like Mega has found its man.

Mega announced today that former CEO of InternetNZ, Vikram Kumar, has joined on as the CEO of Mega. The appointment of Kumar to the CEO seat is a good choice as he headed the non-profit InternetNZ, a group dedicated to an "open and uncapturable Internet." An ideal that Mega founder Kim Dotcom holds dear.

"Mega is delighted to welcome Vikram Kumar as its new CEO", said Lentino. "I have assisted Mega since its inception, putting time and energy into finding investors, setting up support staff and general overview of the company in its initial stage. Now Mega runs on a day-to-day routine, and I am pleased to hand the role of CEO to Vikram who is an experienced leader in the Internet industry."

In his new role as CEO, Kumar says that he looks forward to building on the "initial success" of Mega and developing it "into a significant company on the international Internet stage." His profile says that he takes great interest in "the challenges the Internet is facing such as privacy, security and openness." Once again, another sign that Kumar and Dotcom are a match made in Internet heaven.

As for former interim CEO Lentino, he'll still be on Mega's board of directors while overseeing his own company, Instra Corporation. He said that he'll be working alongside other Mega executives to make the new startup a "global success."