Victoria Gotti's Shocking Infidelity Claim Angers Teresa Aprea

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While we may not know whose marriage Nicole Napolitano was accused of breaking up, we do know this: Certain people seem to be very happy to make the ugliest of allegations about the women in her family.

According to none other than Victoria Gotti herself, the mother of Napolitano and her twin sister Teresa Aprea’s previously had an affair.

The man Gotti claims their mother slept with? Her own daughter Teresa's husband!

That is QUITE a bombshell to drop, so it should surprise no one that Teresa is vehemently denying the accusation aimed at her man and her mother.

The shocking claim happened during a recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Gotti was having drinks with Teresa Giudice and Amber Marchese when the subject came up.

If you remember, it was Marchese who had her hair practically yanked out of her head during a violent confrontation with Napolitano and Aprea.

The fight came about after RHONJ castmate Melissa Gorga tattled to the twins about the rumor she had heard from Marchese—that Napolitano broke up a marriage by sleeping with another woman's husband.

Gotti told Giudice and Marchese that Aprea's husband Rino had confessed to her about what he'd done. The alleged admission was said to have been made years ago, while Rino and Teresa Aprea were divorced; the two have since remarried.

Aprea is clearly furious with what Gotti shared, electing to retweet fan remarks calling the accusation a lie and shared a cryptic message on Instagram about ignoring those who talk about you behind your back.

This isn’t Aprea’s first time speaking up about the things Gotti claimed about her husband and marriage.

US Weekly stated that during a June interview, Aprea lashed out at Gotti.

She accused Gotti of making up lies for the sake of “two minutes of fame” and even went so far as to suggest that Gotti “had the hots” for her husband Rino.

Aprea also said that her husband was “shocked” and “confused” at the televised claim of infidelity.

US has shared that a source contacted them to assure the magazine that the rumors are “100% false” and that the twin’s mom is “just so disgusted” by what Gotti claimed.

It’s certainly a disgusting and eyebrow-raising rumor, especially on top of other accusations of infidelity circulating around their household.

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