Victim Of Miami Cannibal Attack: What He Looks Like Now

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Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who was the victim of the infamous "Miami Cannibal", Rudy Eugene, is doing as well as can be expected. After being attacked by Eugene near a busy Florida road, Poppo lost both eyes and most of his nose. Eugene, who police suspected was high on "bath salts"--a synthetic drug--tore the flesh from Poppo's face with his teeth and then turned on officers, who shot him to death. The grisly attack was the beginning of a string of weird incidents around the country last year, which set off much speculation about the dangers of synthetic marijuana.

But during the mediastorm, we barely heard a thing about the victim, who came away from the gruesome event disfigured but alive. A photo of him is floating around the web this week; be warned, it's a pretty graphic image. This is what Poppo looks like today, one year later.


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