Vicki Gunvalson Gets Proof Brooks Ayers Lied About Cancer Treatments

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Vicki Gunvalson has finally gotten proof that ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers lied to her about receiving cancer treatments at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles. The Real Housewives of Orange County star didn't want to believe he had lied to her and others about having cancer, but more and more discrepancies in his story kept cropping up.

Tami Dennis is the Executive Director of Communications at City of Hope. She confirmed to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday that Brooks Ayers hasn't been getting cancer treatments there.

"City of Hope has not provided any cancer treatment to anyone by the name of David Brooks Ayers," Dennis confirmed.

Soon after word about this proof hit the media, Twitter lit up with questions and comments. Vicki Gunvalson responded to one Twitter user.

Another user accused Vicki Gunvalson of lying, and said Bravo would be "crazy to keep her."

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers broke up in August, yet she has still come under fire for sticking up for him and his claims that he has cancer. Gunvalson's daughter always had doubts. Now she, too, has proof she wasn't crazy for doubting his claims.

"To this day, I definitely had red flags," Vicki Gunvalson admitted on a recent show. "I do not have evidence that he does not have cancer. I don't have any evidence that he does."

Will this proof finally end the question of whether or not Brooks Ayers lied? How long will it take for people to forgive Vicki Gunvalson for having lied for him?

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